Services & Rates

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Services & Rates
If you’ve made it to this corner of my site, you are either interested in hiring me for a job or want to collaborate on a project.  There are three options of brands to collaborate with: My personal brand, DCFunemployment, or As It Happens.
I am a:
*Brand Builder
*Marketer & Strategist
*Content Creator
*Public Speaker
*Business Strategist
*Social Specialist
*Social Media Strategist
*Small and Large Scale Events Producer
 *Website Developer
*Trained Counselor (MA)
*Certified Yoga Instructor
Let’s build together!
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Services and Package Options: 
*Services start at $300/hour a la carte & Packages start at $999 and are based on the scope of work, components & timeline* 
  • Event Production – Let me help you build your event from soup to nuts.  I love creating unforgettable experiences that reflect the story that you and your brand want to tell.  Events can be the perfect vehicle to connect with & gain insight on your customer.
  • Coaching & Accountability – Let us help you achieve all your hopes and dreams.  No one does it on their own, the most successful people have incredible teams.  Let me help lead your to success.
  • Brand Creation – The mission, the message, the motivation, and the make up.  Let me help you build a brand that fits your vision and goals.
  • Brand Audit – A Full Scope Review of your brand and what’s working and what could be improved.  Let us help you pivot and reposition your brand, bringing you to new markets and new audiences.
  • Social Media Review & Strategy – Let me help you use social media as the tool that it was created to be.  Together we will curate, create and connect with your audience.   We will audit your social media channels and strategizing changes and a system for moving forward.
  • Marketing Strategy – Let’s talk about how to market your business!
  • Website Copy – Homepage + about page + one additional page.  Your website is your biggest marketing tool! Tell me your vision for your space because your website is your storefront and your digital home.
  • Blogging/Article Writing – Let me add hours back to your day! For a blogging or article package you will receive regular blog posts full of engaging, share-worthy content that helps your readers get to know you, establishes your authority and improves your search-engine rankings.  We will create an editorial calendar detailing your vision and the digital strategy for your business. Using the information you provide, I’ll write the post in your voice and send it your way, ready to be posted and shared.  Individual posts start at $150/post, price varies based on subject, style and timeline.
  • Sales Pages – Let me help you create powerful sales copy that tells a story. It walks your future customers and clients through each benefit and detail of your offering while answering objections and making that buy button irresistible. There are plenty of moving parts going on behind the scenes, but your result will be a high-converting sales page that serves you while you sleep.
  • Email Campaigns and Funnels –  I don’t know about you but my inbox is pretty crowded.  Let me help you stand out with a customized email campaign or funnel that feels like a conversation – a conversation where you have the chance to solve a problem for your audience like only you can. They’ll be elated to get in on what you’re offering since it feels like you’ve been speaking directly to them all along.
  • Founder Features – Giving founders, especially women of color, the chance to brag on themselves and the dope things that they are doing on DCFunemployment and other sites online.
  • Event Strategist – Let me be your guide to creating a great event in DC.  Tell me your purpose, your audience and your action plan and together we can create a great event in DC.
  • Event Marketing – You’ve already built a great event, now let me help you sell it out! DC has a thriving community but not everyone knows how to find them.  Let me help you spread the word.
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Talking Points (Here are some, but not all, of my hot topics): 
*Speaking Rate Starts at $150 within the DMV*
  • Build The Life You Want: On Your Own Terms
  • We’re All Making It Up
  • Living Your Best Live
  • Raising Your EQ – emotional intelligence
  • Change Your Career Path & Do What You Want
  • How to Cultivate Your Creative Side, We All Have One
  • How to Build Your Personal Brand
  • Imposter Syndrome Repellant
  • Fail, Fail and Fail some more
  • Black Girl Magic: A Blessing & A Curse
  • Motivation, Give Yourself a Kickstart


*Ask about special rates for minority owned small businesses*